Time or Money?

Here’s a fun scenario: you’re choosing between two jobs. One pays you chump change but gives you more autonomy and freedom. The other pays you fabulously but requires lots of travel overseas (to far away places like Thailand or Tunisia, not close like Paris). Catch 22: you are a horseback rider. 

Which do you take? The time to ride, or the money to ride?


  1. Time. Money helps, but if you’re there day in and day out putting in the time, you start getting better and people notice your dedication. And then people start to help. Money can get you a nice horse and pay for more lessons/shows, but time gets you a reputation for work ethic and I’ve seen the connections that this makes.

    But also both pls. Ideally someone would just pay me 6-figures to work 20 hrs/week so I can go buy a string of warmbloods and show year round.

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  2. I definitely value my time and am fortunate enough that I can wfh now and make ok money. Though traveling.. traveling is amazing. I would love to go so many places, and finding the time and money for it while also riding horses is hard!!

    So a little column A and a little column B and make sacrifices where you must and know what you are doing it for.

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