Made: I want to be a pony club kid

True story: I was never a pony club kid. My family didn’t come from the horse world and frankly knew nothing about the various clubs and such you could join, so I took lessons and rode whatever I could get my paws on, from arabs to “Skippy’s” (PSA: A Skippy is a shithead green pony who likes to bolt/buck/rear with small children and hates to work and breaks walls) to drafts to ex-OTTBs to whatever had four legs and a heartbeat. My love for things with four legs and a heartbeat still goes on, but I always feel like a part of my horsey childhood was missing because I was never part of a 4H or pony club of any sort. Overnight horse camp sure, but that was only 2 weeks a year. Not nearly long enough.

When Courtney from An Equestrian Life asked me if I wanted to go to a local show with her, naturally my answer was yes (who wouldn’t want to go to a fun show for a day?), and I’ll bring the booze. Originally I was supposed to ride the amazing Vintage, but unfortunately her legs have been swelling up, so we decided to take Ponyman instead, and all my pony club dreams came true.

I’ll keep this post mostly to photos because they say it all, but long story short, this was “Naponyman’s” (unofficial show name, but I love it haha) first 8 fence course, first horse show, and despite some initial confusion as to why we would go over the obstacles instead of around them (duh hooman), he rocked it like a pro.

First course he was a bit dodgy to all the fences, but he was very studious, careful, and frankly happy to do the work. I swear it’s a game for him! He was a bit confused as to why we would jump and then keep going, but hey, first full course, he figured it out! By the time he went in for his second course, you wouldn’t know it was only his second. He was forward, cute, pleasant, and absolutely adorable to everything. All of the little girls were swooning. Several of them did come up to me and ask me all about him and were so tickled to pet him. Also, want to give a shout out to 6 fabulous people/things:

  1. Courtney, for letting me have a fun day of ponying around!
  2. Shelby, for taking all of these amazing pictures! Best horse photographer ever BTW, if anyone is looking for a pro.
  3. Carol, the organizer of the show who loved Ponyman more than life itself and loved to tell everyone in the announcements that this was his first show, first course, and basically that he was the cutest pony of them all. Giggles and cheering ensued 🙂
  4. Mimosas, because … yep that’s good enough.
  5. Local shows, because you are fun, casual, flexible, and help expose green horses and novice riders to what showing is like. Cheers to you!
  6. Naponyman, for having a big heart and little legs ❤


his first time over this oxer during his first course with the cutest expression ever
Stirrups too long, whoops, but omg look at his form!! What a star #bigheartlittlelegs
Look at his focus, his happy happy unintimidating focus ❤
Two cheeseballs
little heartbreaker ❤
he was weary of ribbons at first, but I swear he’s blushing in this one 
Shelby’s artistic photo ❤
Red, Turq, Dove, and mimosas FTW, pic credit to Courtney for this one!

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