Hawaiian Horses

It’s February, let’s talk warm places.

Went to Hawaii for work recently, and I’ll keep this short and mostly full of pictures. My favorite trail riding place is on the big island, and it’s called Paniolo Adventures. They’re absolutely hands down one of the best trail riding facilities I’ve ever been to. Their horses are well kept, they never look shabby, the staff is friendly, helpful, and chock full of hilarious stories, and overall, their prices aren’t bad for what you’re getting.

I went on the 4.5 hour “wrangler ride,” which as you can imagine is for folks who ride all the time. The group was small: a couple from Oregon, a horse trainer from Virginia who was originally from Oregon, and lil old me. Clearly we all had lots of things to chat about. It was tons of fun, beautiful scenery, and I got my weekly horse fix.

As requested, they gave me the fat stubborn pony named Kukui (yes, after the nut). He’s 22 years old, a bit of a dork, and believe it or not, he’s a registered Appendix.

Below are some scenic pictures/videos for you, and I saved the best for last.

Namaste y’all!

Short, chubby, and stubborn. My favorite kind of trail pony
Clearly annoyed with my antics


break time!





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