Company Review: Color Tack

I’m so amazed by this organization I don’t even know where to begin!

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I have a beautiful bright orange Salvatore Ferragamo leather belt that my mother bought me when she was in Italy a while back as a birthday/Christmas gift. Naturally, I wear it anytime I’m riding in a show and can get away with it as a nod to my Belgian days (I had a lot of friends who lived in the Netherlands then, so it’s more of a nod to the Dutch I suppose). Plus, it makes me feel like I’m on “fiyah” and going super fast.


It’s a beautiful belt. However, it’s difficult to match the exact reddish orange with anything else unless it’s custom made.


*Insert Color Tack*

I went to the Washington International Horse Show again this year, and while shopping around before the GP got started, I stumbled upon a booth for Color Tack and couldn’t resist walking up. I usually refrain from booth shopping there, as prices are typically high, and as beautiful as that boiled German wool coat is, I don’t *need* it. Or maybe I do… struggles. But they had so many pretty colored things on display; it was like a real life equestrian candy shop!

Anyways, there was a lovely lady there from NJ who explained the company to me. Color Tack sells spurs and stirrups that are sanded, baked, and coated with a unique polymer ceramic finish, which helps to maintain the integrity of the paint despite the bumps and bruises spurs and stirrups undergo on a daily basis. They will not fade, chip, or peel, and they can be ordered in any color you can imagine as well as in finishes from high gloss to satin and everything in between. Their factory folks are based in NJ, so by default you’re buying American and can make sure that you get the EXACT custom color job you want.

Naturally, I had to buy a pair of spurs to match my belt. Happy early birthday to me! At $70 a pop, they aren’t exactly what I would consider inexpensive, but you get what you pay for. Their customer service is amazing, the quality is superb, and I can’t tell you how fun they are to wear!

Now here’s my story after having worked with them. I’m sure many of you know my undying love for Dover Saddlery. I don’t love Dover because they’re the only game in town (they’re not), because they’re cheap (they’re not), or because they’re convenient and easy to get to or order online from (they’re definitely not). I love Dover because they have some of the best customer service I’ve ever seen next to L.L. Bean and Nordstrom. They are helpful, supportive, and don’t waste my time, and I can’t thank them enough. Color Tack is no different.

After I texted a photo of my orange belt under white light to the sales lady, she promptly confirmed receipt and let me know to expect my spurs in the next 2 weeks. I received them in the mail, and to be honest I was a bit saddened to see that they weren’t the dark red orange I was looking for, but more of a construction worker bright orange, which is exactly what I wasn’t going for.

Sadness 😦

I was going to chop it up to a loss and wear them anyways, but feeling like it may have been an honest mistake, I decided to text the lady back to see if she could help in any way.

WOW, she was amazing!

Not only did she apologize and text back immediately, she said she’d get a new pair right out to me ASAP. She kept in constant communication, letting me know she was standing over the application guy’s shoulder while he mixed the color to make sure it was perfect. She shipped it overnight and to a different address (I’m in the middle of a move, things are complicated), and they turned out perfectly! She even threw in a second pair of roller balls, free of charge, for the inconvenience. I mean WOW, couldn’t be happier!

And a bonus pair, love them!

I offered to send the old ones back of course, but she insisted that I keep them in exchange for photos for her Instagram and Facebook pages. I can’t argue with that!

I cannot recommend them enough as a gift (the holidays are upon us, folks), for yourself, or just because. I will definitely be looking into other colors and styles of spurs, and perhaps even the stirrups!

In short, 5 stars for customer service, quality, and overall attention to detail in a world that just typically doesn’t.

Thank you, Color Tack! 

PS: Wasn’t paid for any of this, just had to share an amazing experience!



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