Wide Load, Skinny Fences

Had a great lesson the other night, nothing too crazy. Just trotting into some lines with either just a one stride or a bounce to a one stride, which was very healthy for Addy who tends to get worked up and stressed out during courses. Girlfriend needs to breathe.

Anyways, we were both feeling pretty good, so I decided to take a stab at jumping down the “shoot” in the middle of the ring, which was a brick wall, two strides, bounce over 2 boxes, one stride, and then jump the mounting block.

And when I say this was a shoot, I mean there were two jumps next to each middle jump on either side, so poor Addy was so confused and convinced that we should have been turning out of them each time to jump the rails instead of jumping these objects that clearly didn’t look as “jump-ish” as the ones next to them. Oh did I mention they were all skinnies? The skinniest being this last gem known as the mounting block:


Somehow we fit (third time’s the charm). This was probably the most fun I’ve had in a lesson in a while.

Special shout out to Taco Bell for giving me the spice and boldness to get down this super skinny shoot on an anxious Addy! Love me some Taco Bell ❤



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