Back In The Saddle

Well, we did it folks! Finally was able to have a lesson for the first time in almost five weeks. Granted, I have been able to get a few rides in as well between Courtney’s adorbs horses, polo lessons, and the very few times I got to ride Gracie. However, lessons are never the same as homework rides.

My instructor took some pity on me. We did our warm up, which was short but effective given the humidity and heat. Then we warmed up over a trot fence.

Two things I noticed: 1) my shoulders weren’t as far back as they naturally would sit, so our first trot fence was a joke #firstfencitis


2) I guess I noticed this more in the warm up, but going from wearing heels for five weeks straight and then having a lesson where your instructor watches you like a hawk, you start to notice how inflexible your ankles become when pushing them down. I can’t quite figure out how to mimic that angle while not riding, which I’m finding frustrating while I travel. We’ll come back to this dilemma though.


We moved onto a short, simple course. Well, sort of. My instructor added a broken line for me, and everyone else just had 4 fences. Joy of joys, I love extra work! Said no one ever, but I needed to practice lines anyways it turns out.

My singles were pretty straightforward. Nothing crazy, but we weren’t doing anything crazy. It was a hot and humid Sunday morning, I was barely awake (recently quit coffee, don’t know what I was thinking), Gracie was barely awake, so everything was just quiet. Didn’t hate it, given the goals of the day, which for me was to just get in the saddle again, make sure my eye hadn’t suffered, etc.

For the broken line though, it went just perfectly the first time, but then the second time we lacked gas and impulsion so we chipped on the fence in. Came back around and decided to slice it this time (because ❤ more work), and the line flowed smoothly into a four stride. One of the many things I love about Gracie is her ability to take a difficult task and dominate it #likeaboss, even if we (I) slack on the easier stuff. I’ll take it!


Anyways, I’m currently typing this up, sitting in yet another hotel room for the night, and trying to google different ways to stay in shape while I travel M-Th. So far, I’m digging the idea of some light cardio, then pilates. I have a killer “wicked abs” workout from my rowing days (UVA’s crew team uses it, and if you’ve ever been lucky enough to see their men’s varsity 8 row shirtless, you know it works) to keep my core tight, then I was thinking of some squat reps, pushups, and lunges.

Maybe I should just start rowing again…

Any other thoughts? Recommendations? Secret workout recipes?




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