I Chose Paris

Full disclosure: I know I promised myself that I would do more shows this year butttttttt there may or may not have been a week where 3/4 of my donor meetings cancelled on me, all for legitimate reasons!


Regardless, I may or may not have been a bit dismayed and may or may not have found a round trip ticket to Paris for less than $500 and may or may not have decided to spontaneously book it within 30 minutes. Now I may or may not be staying with my friend who does photography full time there for a week in September ūüôā


In short, this¬†means between traveling for fundraising, building up my real estate business, potentially getting back into fencing, horseback riding, vacations in¬†Paris and Breckenridge, and an aging bunny with advanced arthritis in her hind legs, I will most likely not be doing a ton of shows this year ūüė¶


My instructor texted me just the other day asking if I was planning on doing Culpeper in July a month from now, and my calendar was already booked up with a trip to Rhode Island for donor meetings and an all day real estate class plus a wedding because why not!

There are certainly days where I wish horseback riding was all I did. I’m honestly a bit envious of people who can professionally ride day in and day out. Having to keep up to date in only one industry would be a friggin dream, plus being around horses all day? Sign me up. Ultimately¬†that is the dream goal, but unfortunately reality kicks in, and we all have to pay for horse feed somehow right?


I guess I’m just a bit overwhelmed and feel stretching thin between all the hats I’m wearing these days.¬†You know that feeling when you get to the barn, and you have to put on your “D’Arcy the Horseback Rider” hat? Then you get to the donor meeting and you have to put on your “D’Arcy the Friend and Fundraiser” hat. Then you get to a house showing and you have to put on your “D’Arcy the Realtor” hat. Then you get home and you’re “D’Arcy the Girlfriend” hat. Then you get to happy hour and you’re “D’Arcy the Bestest Besty Ever” hat. Then you get to the vets and you’re “D’Arcy the Bunny Mom” hat. And the list goes on.


Then mom calls and reminds me that I was really good at fencing and should have gone to the junior olympics for it, but stupid 14 year old D’Arcy “didn’t care about¬†it,” and now I’m considering getting back into it. Poking people with sticks somehow feels like a good idea again…


Anyways, does anyone else wear way to many friggin hats but have no desire to give up any of the others? Anyone else stretched too thin? Any recommended coping mechanisms? Therapists? Wines? Horses?

Horses… Yes that’ll help. BRB off to the barn!

RIP Lil Sebastian 


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