Oh The Places You Will Go…

Like my couch. For 12 days. Sorry I died folks, but I caught some virus that literally had me bedridden for over a week! 102 degree fever, congestion, headaches, lost my voice, lost my will to leave my couch, the whole shabang. But there’s a backstory here.

*insert time travel warp*

It’s steeplechase season, which means I run around in sundresses, stunna shades, and occasionally a big floppy hat if it’s sunny enough.

The first race of the season was the Esther Everhart Memorial Invitational Side Saddle Chase at Oatlands Plantation, where Loudoun Hunt had their standard steeplechase races afterwards.  This was a very last minute decision, but every year I put this off, as it usually sneaks up on my calendar. What the heck though, it was a beautiful day out, and Danny and I wanted to hang with his cousins, who had a fabulous tailgate at one of their boss’s spots. Who can say no to sunshine, wine, food, and a captivating sidesaddle race?

walking out from the paddock

One of the Hunt Masters with a cute smile

Warming up!

The final stretch!

Danny and I looking fly! Yes, I did buy that hat that day, and yep, I chose the spikes #rebel
Overall, it was a fabulous event and a ton of fun! Will definitely be going again next year. It was much more casual than some of the other races, and I appreciated seeing mostly locals and running into everyone from old and new barns.

Next up was the Maryland Hunt Cup. This race is one of the few internationally recognized races and is completely insane: 4 miles, 22 vertical timber fences, ranging from 3’11”-4’11”, bonkers. You basically need a horse that is both smart and brave, and let’s be honest: most smart horses aren’t brave, and most brave horses aren’t smart. Therefore, you can imagine most horses don’t cross that finish line. 13 horses entered, 5 finished. Senior Senator started out in the front and finished first, which was amazing to watch! Hellomylivia and VintageVirginia both came with me, hubbies and boyfriends in tow, and it was so much fun! Can’t wait to go again next year. Also photo credit goes to VintageVirginia and her hubby for the MD Hunt Cup photos πŸ™‚

My good friend Harry, our beloved host for the day with his pink cock tie! 
Now this is where things get fun. The day before Gold Cup, my most favorite race of all time, I caught that nasty bug, most like from touching something while in NYC three days earlier for a meeting, but I had the whole shabang hit me hard, 102 degree fever and all. I had promised my friend, who had JUST had a baby 2 weeks earlier, that I would get to Gold Cup super early and set up our usual tailgate at North Rail right by the finish line/horse ambulance/human ambulance/ jump judge/media/ St. Andrew’s Society/Member’s Hill. There was no way in hell I was calling a woman who just gave birth to whine and tell her I was too sick to set up a tailgate, so I popped some OTC drugs and pushed through. Unfortunately, all I got in terms of pictures was the tailgate, and I basically spent the rest of the day sitting in the front seat of the SUV watching drunk people get arrested, chugging water, and popping Sudafed. I had some good bets on a few horses, so that went well, but other than that, the day is pretty much a blur.

The one picture I have from GC. The sun did pop out later in the day, which was helpful in burning off my fever a bit πŸ™‚
Overall, it’s been one hell of a busy month, but I’m ready for June to hit, the sun to come out, and summer rides in hot-as-hell-cant-get-sick-in-this-heat weather!

Also considering moving back to Florida. The amount of rain we’ve had here in Virginia is stupid. And I miss my famous “Triple B” (barn, beach, bar) Saturdays!



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