We all have big #eqgoals, and I strongly understand why, but my overall goal is never as critical to me as my tiny daily goals because when those tiny goals come to fruition, the big goal naturally will too. For example, I’ll set a goal of keeping my right leg from moving over a fence as my goal for Monday, then work on suppleness and straightness to a fence for my goal on Tuesday, etc. all with the overarching vision of being the most efficient rider possible.

I tried another new saddle last night (I’ll save that excitement for another post), and after watching my video to check myself, I have to say I’ve seen some drastic improvement in my lower leg over fences, and I couldn’t be happier. In a world of swinging legs, I’ve pretty pumped about these pictures:


9 months ago, my heel wasn’t under my hip. My back wasn’t flat. My hands were right next to Gracie’s ears where they didn’t belong. And now it seems like the pieces are actually coming together! It feels so good when the little goals help you get that much closer to your north star.

I’ve attached the full video below. My new mini project is to work on not kicking out my inside leg after fences to get flying lead changes (you really see it after the Swedish oxer). It’s an exaggeration that’s not helping my cause, so hopefully I can figure that out next.

Also I love this new saddle. So excited to tell y’all more about it!



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