Mom Bags

In the spirit of Dover Saddlery’s tent sale and upcoming Mother’s Day, I decided to grab my mom a horse show bag.

Back story: my mother was never really a horse show mom until much later in life. She didn’t grow up with horses, and I started showing maybe around 12 years old with very little needs. She was highly allergic to horses for the first few years I started riding, so even when she came to shows, she mostly sat alongside the ring and just tried to stay out of the way. She hasn’t had much formal horse show mom training, other than being awesome at bringing lunch and now adult beverages. #wineslushiesanyone

This past winter, mom came with me to Ocala with possibly the smallest cross body bag I’ve ever seen. It could fit maybe one cell phone, a credit card, and … air? Just barely anything. Now, the one duty I do ask of my mother at horse shows is to hold onto my cell phone, car keys, and an ID/credit card. I can’t fit it in my pants, and yet I can’t get comfortable with the idea of leaving the 3 most important life things an adult needs in some bag in a non-secure stall at a horse show miles away from home and help. This is all I ask of her: peace of mind.

At Ocala, she famously hid my giant smorgasbord of car keys because she didn’t have room for them in her bag made for ants. This caused panic, and we spent about what felt like an eternity dying and trying to find them in the seven layers of mental hell horse poop wine bottles barn. They ended up being in my paddock boots, which I wore to the barn that morning and wasn’t planning on wearing the rest of the day, so we had set them aside in the back of the tack stall, thinking that I would obviously find them in my shoes. I never want to experience a heart attack like that over losing keys at a horse show again. I mean, where would they go? Who would find them? How would we get home? All while I’m hangry? In a different state? Far away from my spare keys? #iguesswelljustdiehere

Anyways, I love my mom, and she still loves to be my horse show mom (I clearly didn’t show enough as a child), so to prevent that situation from ever occurring again, I bought mom a “professional horse show mom bag” from Dover! It’s got 2 water bottle/suncreen bottle slots, a cell phone holder, a key holder (thank the horse show gods), pen holders, a large flat bottom, comfy shoulder straps, and it’s even in her signature colors of red, black, and white. Yes, that’s basically my mother’s entire wardrobe in a nutshell. She’s pretty friggin fierce.


Anyways, I’d love to get it embroidered with something cute, like “DSM’s Mom’s Horse Show Bag,” or maybe just her initials, or #horseshowmom, or “Please Return To Panicked Mother Clutching Pearls,” or #saintanthonyismyboy, or something? Any ideas?

Her name is Michelle if that helps, and she doesn’t do nicknames because #bossmom



  1. First – I love the colors. Go dawgs. hehe. That’s such a cute and smart idea! Could you do her initials on one side and something along the lines of “Please Return to Panicked Mother Clutching Pearls” on the other – that just sounds hysterical.

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