My Promise To You

I don’t know what is in the water this week, but it seems like everyone is trying to pick a fight these days!

I want to make one thing clear to my readers: I may not agree with you, or I may love every word you say. To each his own. This is America. Our country is a free speech zone. Yay freedom and inalienable rights.

However, I will never, EVER call you an @$$hole, shady, or any negative description or variation of that.

Your views, opinions, and advice all matter so much to me and are so unbelievably appreciated and respected, and anytime anyone has a thought or recommendation, I’m usually more than willing to give it a shot. But how you live your life is not up to me, and who am I to judge you for it?

So this is my promise to you. I will never be a jerk to you, in person or over the internet, because I’m a taxpaying adult with a busy life both inside and outside of the barn whose mama raised her right just like you, and most importantly, #aintnobodygottimeforthat

*mic drop*

#peaceandlove #britchesbecrazy #payyourtaxes #April18iscoming


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