Long Story, Super Short

So I know I’ve been a bit MIA lately. I recently started a new job that has me traveling a lot, which I love! Except I hardly have time for this blog anymore, which I don’t love.

Anyhow, I had an insightful lesson last night. To make a long story short (because I’m literally about to book it to PA), I noticed that moving Gracie around a sharp turn to the left, using my outside aids, doesn’t get as much of a reaction as a sharp turn to the right, using my outside aids. This may be because one of her withers is higher than the other (you can probably guess this one), but either way, I need more oomph around those turns! Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do?

I’m considering throwing on some tiny spurs to see if that helps, but knowing how my leg still occasionally slides over a fence, I worry about poking her over fences. Knowing that would be a TERRIBLE training idea, I’m resistant.

Thoughts? Remedies? Tequila shots before rides? I’m considering all options right now!




  1. seems like spurs will def help. so might some flatwork exercises – particularly leg yielding left to right. if you can get her better connected to your outside rein going that direction, and giving you true inside bend instead of falling in on a circle going that way, turning off the outside aids will become easier

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    • YES that’s exactly it, I feel like my options are a) let her fall into a circle and lose impulsion, which would be bad, b) have tiny tiny impulse heavy strides but don’t cover ground, also bad or c) have impulsion and an efficient, balanced, ground covering canter around her tight left turns, which would be the friggin dream right there lol we’ll work on our leg yields!


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