So Ride Like The Devil

Had an awesome show on Sunday! @hellomylivia joined me with Addy, and @shelbyrallen was there with her stud muffin, Justin 🙂

Gracie and I ended up doing the Low Jumpers (2’9″-3′) because 1) she had been jumped every day pretty hard all week, so her back was a bit sore. It was a local show, so I didn’t see the point in fussing. 2) There were far more competitors in the Low Jumpers than the Adult Amateurs (3’3″), and I hate not having any competition. If there aren’t at least 6 people in a class, I sort of feel like I wasted my money and could have just jumped around fences at home for free, so I’m glad I picked the class with I think about a dozen people? I’m a bad guesser though, but I was last in the line up, and I felt like it took forever, so that’s all I’ve got.

Gracie and I did a quick warm up of walk (/strut, same thing), trot, and canter both ways, then hopped 4-5 fences. We practiced down a single vertical, then the line with an in and out followed by a four stride, then a rollback because #yolo.

The first class was Table II section 1, so clean and bouncy and efficient was the goal. I felt good after this class, but I could have made some sharper turns. We ended up with third, which is okay, but I knew with a class with this many sharp turns we could do better.

The second class was Table II section c, so power then speed. To be honest, I forgot the speed part existed because they kept switching where “power” ended and “speed” began. Oops. I made the decision to play it like we did in the first class and keep it bouncy, clean, and efficient, which naturally paid off with another third. Meh.

I am of the belief that yellow is not Gracie’s color, and she really does look better in blue or red. It’s just her thing. Can’t blame the girl. So then enter our third class, which was Table II section B. This may be my favorite schedule because I love the clear separation (unlike Table II section C) between power and speed. It’s like okay, go clean, then okay, go cowboy.  Gracie and I rocked this. Literally. I nearly fell out of my saddle after the the second to last fence because I sliced the fence a bit much AND asked for a turn in the air, and naturally Gracie gave me all she’s got. I thought I’d have a lot more time until our last fence, and then we didn’t. Luckily Gracie loves her job enough to basically do the whole course herself with just me pointing, I stayed on, and we cleared the last fence.

We got first place in this last class, and that won us the championship for the division.

This horse never ceases to amaze/surprise/humor me. Friggin love a good mare #girlpower #worthmorethandiamonds #likeagoodmareGracieisthere #thelongerthefencetheclosertoGod #soridelikethedevil



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