Gymnastics “Fun”

I think if I keep saying I love gymnastics, it’ll start to stick. Maybe…

Anyways, I had A LOT of mare the night of our lesson, and the below course:

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 8.54.12 AM.png

Trot in from the left, go down centerline, turn right, vertical, back to trot, go down centerline, go left, vertical. Pretty straightforward.

The first time we went down the line, Gracie accidentally knocked a fence with her front end pretty hard, and the reins slid out of my hands. Since I don’t actually ever use my tack, it didn’t faze me, and I was able to recover before the end of the line. #proud2bescrappy

The next time we went down the centerline, I apparently have this newfound habit of floating my hands above Gracie’s neck instead of actually pushing them onto her crest or doing an automatic release, almost like I’m trying to pick up her front end for her. Not sure where I learned this trick, but my instructor made me go down the line again and focus on my hands. Problem solved, for now. It didn’t seem to be an issue over the single verticals, which was odd, but I guess bad habits don’t usually make sense anyways, right?

Good news is apparently my leg isn’t irritating my instructor, so it’s getting better. I’m still working on focusing on keeping it on over fences, you know, like the whole time. #struggles #inprogress

I’m going to the LTD Horse Show at Morven Park this Sunday for an inexpensive local jumper show. Ocala has put quite a dent in the horse show budget for a bit, so I’m looking at you [Loch Moy] for a while!

Anyways, anyone else having issues with their hands over fences? Tips? Tricks? I’m all ears!



  1. I have the same bad habit of “hovering hands.” Not quite sure how to fix it besides repetition… I know some use a jumping strap that give them a place to put their hands, but I haven’t tried that one yet.

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