My French Butt

Good news: I found a saddle! Please meet my new french friend:

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 8.46.06 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-02-26 at 8.46.23 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-02-26 at 8.46.40 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-02-26 at 8.46.47 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-02-26 at 8.46.31 AM.png

I landed on a 2013 Devoucoux Socoa, full buffalo, wide tree. It’s not the best fit for Gracie, as she’s a bit too narrow and high withered, but thank God for correction pads. In terms of feel, it’s got a decent wide twist, squishy knee pads, front and back blocks, and a sweet green piping around the seat. #flair

Downside that I’ve noticed but can live with: it’s a bit flatter of a seat than I’d like, and the seat isn’t as wide as I’d like. Other than that though, I feel like my inner thighs are actually being used, and I do appreciate the amazing leather it was made with. It will definitely maintain it’s value and appearance, especially with such a gorgeous dark brown color.

On another note, I finally rode Gracie in a lesson on Wednesday, and I swear it’s so easy to get back on her. We worked on a lot of flat work, then jumped a few lower fences. The course was a bending line, then vertical single on the diagonal with a halt after, then trot up the center line and jump a crossrail to a vertical in a very tiny tiny four stride… very tiny. In fact, I had just seen one of the ponies do it in the previous lesson in a comfortable four, so props to @hellomylivia for getting Addy to do it in four too! I won’t lie: it’s not hard to get Gracie to collect her canter, but Addy on the other hand, she’s a big mama!

Anyways, it’s nice to be back, but I could have easily stayed and competed in Ocala for the rest of the winter. #lifegoals #maybenextyear #dreambig

Also, if anyone is looking for a 17.5″ Pessoa, mine is for sale! Ping me if you’re interested and I’ll send over info and pictures.


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