Ocala Day 1 Recap

Everyone, meet Jerry!

Jerry is a bear-dog-horse that will be taking care of business (me) this week! He’s fuzzy like a bear, snuggly like a dog, but has the legs of a horse. It’s the perfect combination 🙂

His official show name is Catcher Block (so bad, I know). We originally decided to call him Larry/Gary/Barry/Harry/Terry/you get the idea, per Parks and Rec. 

However, that seemed a bit mean given how sweet this horse is. We had a few spots in the .8 and .9m where he started to veer side to side, despite me kicking him forward, and took off from some tight spots and still cleared. Now he has earned the name “Jerbear the Carebear.” He even responds and comes to me from the field when I call him that. It’s adorable.

Another fun fact about Jerry: he likes to be the star of the show, and he thus has the innate talent to follow cameras around. For example, here he is following my friend filming at the end of our .9m round, where we jumped clear and won 8th out of 30-40ish (it was a California split but hey we were group A lol).

Such focus!

Here he is again, as I’m reviewing my plan of attack with my instructors before entering the ring. It’s almost like he has a sixth sense for iPhone cameras…

Anyhow, we are both excited about our poop-colored 8th place ribbon in the .9m! We almost might have placed in the .8m if my butt hadn’t come back a bit soon on the last fence going downhill and we knocked it with our hind end… Oops. 

Today we’ll be competing in the .9m as a warm up in a different ring since I get the impression he is a little wiggle worm in new places with new courses and new jumps, and from what I’ve been told he’s never shown at Ocala Post Time before. After that we’ll be showing in the Adult Low Jumpers, which I think are .9m again or 1m? I can’t figure it out, but whatever we’ll be there!

Wish Jerbear and I luck! And pray that the 30-50mph gusts die down and the 50 degree temps go up, please and thank you 🙂

Obviously his better side…


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