Packing List for Ocala

I am the type of person who makes lists. Without lists, things don’t happen. If it’s not on my calendar, it never happened. If it’s not on my grocery list, it doesn’t get purchased. If it’s not on my packing list, it doesn’t get packed. You get the idea.

So I decided it might be fun to share my packing list for Ocala with everyone. Now my question is, am I missing anything???? I mean ANYTHING. I repeat: if it’s not on the list, it does not get packed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A few notes:

  1. I do have a work meeting the Monday before the fun starts, so that is why I have to bring an extra sundress, heels, and all that jazz.
  2. I have never been to Ocala, but I have been to Wellington. However that was local for me at the time, so this is my first super-far-away show, and first show in Ocala. Just to be noted.
  3. I will be leasing a horse for a week down there, won’t know the horse til that Tuesday, and our assistant instructor is bringing some girths/bridles/martingales/square saddle pads down for that purpose.
  4. The wine is not optional and will not be removed under any circumstances. Please hold back your judgement. Mom is responsible for bringing the cooler and ice…


Packing List for Ocala

  • Human Clothing
    • 6 polos
    • 1 Long sleeve sporty orange shirt (so I can be easily found if lost on day 1)
    • 1 Clairvaux long and short sleeve polos
    • 6 sports bras
    • 3 regular t-shirts
    • 2 regular bras
    • 1 PJs
    • 10 pairs of undies
    • 2 Black and white shorts
    • 1 Jeans
    • 1 pair of leggings
    • 6 pairs of riding tights
    • 1 sundress (for meeting)
    • 2 flip flops and 1 heel (for meeting)
    • 1 black paddock boots and half chaps
    • 1 Parlantis
    • 1 navy quilted jacket
    • 1 yellow rain jacket
    • 1 equitation jacket
    • 1 short sleeve and 1 long sleeve white collared shirt
    • 3 belts (turquoise, brown, black)
    • 6 riding socks
    • 9 white socks
    • 1 swim suit
    • 1 lucky scarf
    • 1 rain boots
  • Horse Gear
    • Saddle, hunter white pad(optional)
    • Backpack with all horse things in it, horse treats, crops
    • boot cleaning and polishing supplies
    • Braiding supplies
    • Cooler
    • Pillow wraps (16”) and standing wraps (xlong)
  • Toiletries
    • shampoo, conditioner, razor, face wash
    • mud mask, SPF moisturizer, acne cream, deodorant, hair stuff, dry shampoo
    • makeup and earrings
    • sunscreen, aloe vera
    • tooth brush, paste, floss, retainer (yes, I wear a retainer and sound like a goof with it in lol)
    • rubber bands, headbands, brush, comb
    • BCP and excedrin, band aids and neosporin
  • Extra
    • Sunglasses, Clairvaux hat
    • Garbage bag, ziploc bags
    • iphone and chargers and headphones and mac
    • Card holder
    • 1 case of wine (4 sauvignon blanc, 4 pinot grigio, 4 red blends)


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