Pop Quiz

If the average width of a fence is 12 feet, how many feet is the skinniest?

Answer: 5.5 feet

Next question: if I am 5’6″, how many feet wide is this fence?

I’m guessing 2.5-3′

So our course was a pretty straightforward course other than the two bending lines (4 strides) to the extra super skinny jump seen above. Since my new mantra to keep my heels down lately has been “toes out” (which aren’t really out but it seems to do a good job of forcing my heel down and keeping my right leg on), I had trouble doing that while being centered and not fearing my ankles smacking the post and breaking my ankle. My instructor quickly caught on when she noticed my hands were above the neck in the crest release. Bahhh she’s good. 

Moving on from that, it was definitely fun to do, but it didn’t leave you a lot of options in terms of being straight and centered to it! Reminded me of a Joe Fargis clinic I once attended, where Joe said that so long as you present a horse straight and centered to a fence and they have at least 2 strides to it, you’ve done your job and presented the obstacle fairly, and therefore there is no excuse for them not to take it. So basically I tried to position Gracie straight and centered to it by stride 3, and it was point and shoot and “toes out” from there!

Definitely recommend trying this at home! *insert liability disclosure here* #sarcasm #butitsfun #besmartaboutbeingstupid #supervisionisagoodthing 



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