Baby It’s Cold Outside

I don’t know if anyone’s checked the weather lately, but in VA it pretty much looks like this right now:


It was somewhere in the high forties/low fifties this weekend and then the weather dropped to the teens and twenties these past few days. Needless to say I was FREEZING at the barn for my lesson on Wednesday! Wore my fleece-lined riding tights, Mountain Horse winter jacket, Under Armour Colder 3/4 zip with a long sleeve shirt under that, SSG thinsulate lined show gloves, and Smartwool socks. Only part that was missing were my winter riding boots, and Parlanti’s are surprisingly not warm #jokes.

Anyways, Gracie and I just tried to stay warm, but for the last 30 min of our lesson, girlfriend was just over it. She walked over to the heater by the viewing chairs, looked at me, asked why I wouldn’t get off. She walked over to the door, looked at me, asked why we couldn’t go back in. She walked over to the mounting block, looked at me, asked why I couldn’t get the hint.

With the freezing temps, we were both a bit stiff and chilly, so I had a slow horse to my course that would quicken as we went on just to get warm! Lots of #sassymare head tossing.

Anyways, after riding Gopher a few weeks back and watching my Parlanti’s swing around like a dork, I made a conscious effort to focus on keeping my leg still and on and in place over fences because Parlanti’s don’t look good swinging (this has become my mantra).

This week, it finally paid off. I didn’t have to focus as much on thinking about my leg before each fence, as the habit is starting to stick (as well as the boots are to my saddle, thank you Lord!!). Still find myself reminding myself before each course, but at least I can catch myself when I feel my leg start to loosen!

Improvement below:

First fence I did NOT have enough horse going forward, so we crashed (sorry if you can hear me curse), but the next round went okay (crazy long distance to the oxer, but didn’t break it this time), and then we redid the oxer again just on principle. I’d like to believe if I had a physically warmer horse, we wouldn’t have had the oxer issue, but who knows. Noted for next time!





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