Headcam Fun

Gracie injured herself yesterday out in the field. Took off a chunk of her heel while mare-ing around. Oh Gracie… #horsesbeinghorses

For my lesson, I rode Gopher instead, who is an adorable thoroughbred of the chunkier bloodline (lucky duck). He basically is like riding a roly poly cow. Big, rotund, grunts when jumping or bending, and likes to swing wide or cut, not a fan of the straight track. 

This really challenged my right leg issue. In the beginning, we were fine, but then this was Gopher’s second lesson (back to back), and with the end of the fiscal year at work, holiday craziness, and overall overness of 2015 I was feeling, I was too pooped to party sotospeak and started “meh-ing” over the last triple combo. Hence I did it three times lol

Does anyone else have a problem with placing importance on things that should OBVIOUSLY matter when riding? Ex: your leg not swinging, getting straight to a triple combo while riding a cow, etc.

I need some mental help here, desperately.

In the meantime, boyfriend got me a headstrap for my helmet to slip my iPhone in. He apparently thinks me riding without reins to film with my iPhone properly is too “dangerous.” 

Right, that’s the most dangerous thing I do on a horse…. #jokes 

For your viewing pleasure! 



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