What do braiding, polishing, and a blogger meet up all have in common?

Welcome to my last week!

Let’s start with hellomylivia and I meeting up with Vintage Virginia on Sunday! We had a quick bite at South Street Under in Leesburg (highly recommend their BBBLT, they go crazy on the bacon), then headed out to our barn to check out Addy and Gracie. Both horses had already worked that 70 degree December day, so we just flatted and horsed around. Addy hopped over a few fences, and I successfully convinced Vintage Virginia to hop on Gracie! They trotted and cantered around, and I hope she got a good glimpse of why Gracie is so fun to ride 🙂

Moving on, hellomylivia will be doing more on this, but basically she and I learned how to properly polish our boots. You may be wondering, why the hell would I spend 1-2 hours taking a lighter to my gazillion dollar boots? The answers may surprise you:

  1. Don’t be a fool, get your boots at Dover. You’ll thank me when you bust a hole in the calf. #thankyouDover #amazingcustomerservice #bestreturnpolicy #iloveyouneverchange
  2. Imagine a world where you don’t have to clean your boots every time. A world where you can simply “dust off” your boots, instead of having to clean and condition. Welcome to the world of boot polishing.

I’ll sum it up as best as I can, but hellomylivia will have better pictures/explanations/sass than me, I’m sure 🙂

To start, there are 2 types of boot polishing techniques: 1) the casual pick me up, and 2) the deep polish.

For the deep polish, the steps are simple:

  1. Get an applicator brush, an old white mens t-shirt that’s 100% cotton (you probably have one), old pantyhose (ask mom), a torch lighter (don’t get a regular Bic, get the long neck kind, you’ll thank me later), black boot polish (or whatever color I guess), a box of latex gloves, an old crappy towel, and a small bowl of water.
  2. Clean the boots down with glycerine soap as you usually would. Please don’t use too much water, as the boots need to be dry.
  3. Take the old crappy towel and lay it down. Put all things polishy on it. Polish gets EVERYWHERE. Outside works too.
  4. Take the old white mens t-shirt and cut 2 strips out of it. Put on latex gloves immediately.
  5. Use one strip to grab a good amount of polish if this is your first time polishing; otherwise just good dab should work. Making small circles, cover just the toe cap. The goal here is to get an even, smooth coating.
  6. After it’s covered in polish, dab the old t-shirt in the water bowl and get 1 drop of water on the toe cap. Keep rubbing in circles. This is to even out and solidify the polish a bit.
  7. Turn the boot so you’re holding it upside down, breathe, grab the lighter. Making a back and forth motion, run the lighter steadily but swiftly under the toe cap. The wax should heat up and melt and get shiny. This is good. Keep breathing.
  8. Let it cool, then repeat steps 4-6 three more times for the toe cap. Then let it cool again.
  9. Take the other strip of old t-shirt, grab boot between knees, and start rubbing side to side and away on the top cap to get it nice and shiny.
  10. Take a strip of the old pantyhose and same deal. This is the finishing touch to get it extra shiny.
  11. Now do the same thing for the outside side of the boot! Then the outside calf! Remember not to do the inside of your boot EVER unless you like getting black polish off your horse. You can do the inside up until the laces hit safely, but after that, you’ve been warned.
  12. Then do the other boot.

This process takes a solid 2 hours. You will sweat, your back will hurt, and you will breathe. All of this is normal. I am told I should do this once a month with my Parlantis. Cool.

Now we also have the casual polish. Just did this one tonight, it’s so much easier. This is a once-a-weeker, so not too bad.

  1. Grab boot applicator, black polish, shine brush, old white t-shirt, latex gloves, old pantyhose, and crappy towel.
  2. Clean boots using glycerine soap, minimal water. Put on latex gloves and lay out crappy tower.
  3. Using boot applicator, apply boot polish to toe cap until even coating is achieved.
  4. Grab that shine brush and buff away.
  5. Grab that old white t-shirt strip and buff away.
  6. Old pantyhose? Buff away.
  7. Boom. Shiny toe cap. Less stressful with no lighter, right?
  8. Repeat for the side, outside calf, and other boot. You got this.

And that’s how you polish boots!

New use for that coffee table!

I’m going to save braiding for another night because 1) my fingers are sore from typing, and 2) my fingers are sore from braiding.

However, I will leave you with this awesome idea my mom came up with this weekend. The boo and I just moved in together 2 weeks ago, and he had this old frame with nothing in it. It’s amazing what some twine and old ribbons that somehow weren’t thrown out in the move can do for a room’s decor! Lol

Thanks Mom #mynumber1fan




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