My Recovery

Lately, I’ve been working on a few things, namely remembering that my thighs are part of my leg and should be used at all times you slacker, especially over fences, and especially especially on the other side of a fence.

Here’s what I mean:


Granted, I was left behind on this fence. Gracie jumped it like a boss, and I was kind of meh it’s our last fence, I see the finish line, we’re good ya slacker. However, my booty should not have any hang time over the cantle of my saddle. Big no no.

Last night, phase 1:

Thigh slipped away over the oxer but hey! Right leg is looking less swingy and my heel is staying down. Don’t know what it is about that right side but I’ve sort of figured out that if I poke my toe out over fences (not literally, but it feels like that), my leg stays put and correct. I won’t fight it if it works!

Part 2: “better”

I felt better over these fences, but I also almost feel like I stayed over for too long after the oxer? Realistically, I’d imagine there could be a tight turn or something after, so it’s impractical for me to have so much time not in my seat after a fence. Either way, at least my leg looked good, so we’re making progress #toeoutbutnottoomuch

Side note, @hellomylivia and I are going to work on braiding this weekend because I’d rather keep $85 per day in my pocket for Ocala, thank you very much.

AND we have a special visitor coming to our barn on Sunday! More to come 🙂

Also, braiding tips are more than welcome right now. Shoot ’em over, please and thank you!!





  1. Looks really good! If you feel like you stayed over too long try and sinking back more over the top of the fence. I have the same problem and it usually helps if you’re constantly “moving” so you sink back through your thigh rather then your release. Jumping always has new challenges!

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