All That Sass

It’s been a sassy week at the barn! Lots of improvements, and new things to work on, as always. Guess it wouldn’t be a fun sport without something new each time right haha

Random cookie face

Monday I had an impromptu lesson with Gracie’s owner/our barn’s trainer/my 3 day old Parlanti’s/duct tape. God help me. Anyways, we worked on building the topline (head down, belly up, hind under, all that good stuff), and then my legs started throbbing sooooo

insert break time.

Then we popped over a vertical and an oxer to discover that even though my leg is in the right position, it moves at the end of my jump on the recovery. And it shouldn’t. And when I pick a good spot, it does. And when I pick a bad spot, it doesn’t. Go figure.

Add duct tape and now I’m working on building those inner thigh muscles I’ve been ignoring for the last 1/3 part of my fences. At one point, I was told to grab mane and pull myself down to stay over a bit longer, and DAMNNNN Gracie gave me the sassiest #marestare I’ve EVER seen! I mean we stopped, and her head just whipped around and looked at me with these “WTH girl” eyes. It was a hellah awesome bonding moment for us, and I promised not to yank her mane so hard next time lol


At least she’s got a forgiving personality with my dumb moments 🙂

In other news, she’s gotten into a bit of a cookie monster, and has discovered backpacks… I do love a clever horse I guess haha

Love that UA backpack, especially with horse slobber all over it ❤


  1. lolz Gracie looks like she knows exactly where the cookies are and will get them herself it that’s what it comes down to. also: re your leg staying put better in bad spots than good, that could just be a self-preservation mechanism, ie – your legs are sticking more bc it’s an iffier jump? maybe not – but if that’s the case at least you know the muscles are there and know how to do their job!

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