Parlanti Experience: Part 2

Got my new boots in FINALLY after 67 days of waiting for them to be delivered. Yay international shipping?

Anywho, I am a solid 8.5 shoe, so originally I ordered a 38.5 extra large, extra tall Miami field boot. I slipped right into them, so clearly that meant they were too large haha but really, the footbed was huge, and the calf still had a lot of room. 

Naturally, I ordered a new pair from Dover, and based on the tightness I needed for my calf, I moved down to a 37 large, extra extra tall (to make room for when they sink). And the winner is, not my legs! Parlanti 1, my legs 0. 

Exhibit A: 

Squeezed my legs into these babies last night with the help of a “what do you mean these fit” boyfriend. I could stand in them, walk in them, can’t bend the knee yet, but we’ll get there! Eventually I felt my blood throbbing in my legs and thought, well geez, this must be what Chinese foot binding felt like, and took them off.

Exhibit B:

Please pardon the lack of nailpolish, it’s winter y’all. Anyways, note the lace-like pattern on my foot, and the red just everywhere. Keep in mind I couldn’t even zip them up with long pants on, so that was just leg and super thin stocking after an hour!

I’m hoping to be able to wear them for another hour today to continue to break them in. In just the hour I had them on last night, I did feel the leather start to mold and melt, so I have faith that within 2 months these babies will feel like chucks. Until then, I’m slightly amused at the shit I do for this sport. 

I love horseback riding, I love horseback riding, I love horseback riding….. ❤



  1. You will love them. I have had my pair two years, they only come out for shows, but at shows they are on my feet from 5 am til the end… Mucking stalls, bathing, etc etc. Still look brand new. Love them.

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      • So I got mine off eBay and they had been worn a few times. They were also not super tight, just fit perfectly, so I did not have the pain. I rode in them right away and they were perfect. I still did my usual routine of conditioning the inside of the ankles to soften them more, and just wearing them a lot. Equifit ankle gel bands are your best friend!


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