Gymnastics Day + iPhone Fun

We had a gymnastics day in my lesson yesterday, yay!

Lots of no stirrup warm up work to start. My instructor figured out I ride with my ride leg straighter than my left leg (weird), so I’ve been trying to bend at the knee more, just on my right side.

Anyways, we started going over 1 fence, 2 fence, 3 fence, etc. and built up from there, adding height and trot poles for torture fun. I was told to focus on keeping my hands lower after some superman crest releases this past weekend (I just REALLY wanted to make sure Gracie had her head!).

Eventually I got a bit meh, and we were joking about texting while riding over gymnastics, and I thought, “Geez, what better time to practice filming with 1 hand?”

Check it out:

Eventually this turned into no hands, but unfortunately I must have hit the big red record button before I even started jumping so I didn’t catch it on film. Next time!

Until then, I’m off to Thailand for the next 10 days. So excited! No horseback riding, but at one point I get to ride an elephant, so that should be pretty sweet.

จนกว่าจะถึงครั้งต่อไป ❤ 



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