FINALLY How To Clip Your Horse Properly

For those of you who (like me) have never body clipped a horse in 20 years for fear of having a ridiculous haircut, and therefore have to bribe others to do it, Horse Collaborative broke down body clipping! They talk about everything from styles to blades to brands, everything! I may even try body clipping now (under adult supervision).



  1. You can do it! It’s actually not that terrible. I haven’t watched that video yet, but will say that for me, I find it easier to just use regular clippers and a #10 blade for the whole shebang. When I use body clippers, I have trouble with getting the angle and pressure right (they’re sooooo heavy), so I end up with tons of lines.

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  2. IMO the book World Class Grooming covers it much better. Also, not all body clipper models are made equally. Some, like Clipmasters (which I hate), are much heavier and more cumbersome than others, like Lister Stars. It is possible to get the speed of a big clipper without having them be heavy or super loud. They also use blades that are labeled as Fine, Medium, or Coarse, instead of being numbered. Having the right set of clippers and the right technique are the two things that make all the difference.


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