Lesson last night went meh. After such a successful week of gymnastics and a fun hunter pace over the weekend with hellomylivia, I really thought my right leg issue had been taken care of! Turns out, I’m fine… until rollbacks.

We did about a dozen rollbacks, and my friggin right leg would not stay on, so energy kept being wasted to the outside, and then I’d have a tight jump over the fence and feel like a dunce!

We eventually figured out (after about a dozen more dizzying rollbacks) that if I sit deep in my saddle, I can wrap my legs around Gracie so much better. However, I need to be able to stand and sit with my leg on the whole time. One step at a time I guess.

Next week: magic chaps.


Magic chaps aside, does anybody else have any tips to keep their legs wrapped around a super tiny and skinny horse? #helpplease #ittybittymarebigproblems



  1. i’m probably no real help here bc my lower leg is far from the ideal (esp for hunterland)… but when i’m struggling to keep it in place, i try to think of keeping the bottoms of my feet pointed at the jump. i’ve also heard of ppl tying their stirrups to their girths (tho i’ve always been too paranoid about getting tangled to try it myself). really tho i doubt there are any actual quick fixes – just lots of practice and repetition 😦

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