Row Row Row Your Boat (I Promise This Is Relevant)

This week is gymnastics week at the barn, JUST LIKE THIS!!!


JK, but seriously, is that chick doing a standing bow pulling pose on top of a girl’s back on top of a horse’s back? #skillz

Anyways, my lesson started off with knots in my stomach given the last time we did gymnastics…


A few months ago, we had a gymnastics week where my leg was swinging so badly over fences that my riding instructor duct taped my stirrup to my girth. I’ve never had this done before, some weird form of torture training I guess, but it really pointed out to me how bad the situation had gotten when I started jumping fences with my leg literally tied down and could feel my foot pulling against the stirrup. Not a good sign.

Historically, I’ve always loved gymnastics because “you don’t have to do anything.” So ironic given that when my right leg does nothing I get in trouble, right? Haha

Moving on, this week’s lesson was a TOTALLY different story. We started off trotting a single crossrail. Easy enough.

This built up to a crossrail, one stride, vertical. I held on tight to my outside rein, and somehow my right leg was still there… weird

Built up to a crossrail, one stride to vertical, one stride to vertical. Right leg isn’t moving…


Built up to a crossrail, one stride to vertical, one stride to oxer. Still good, but asked to come around and repeat and sing a song. Not being of the creative mind, I started quietly (and poorly) singing “row row row your boat, gently down the stream.” I asked why they asked me to do that after they told me it was perfektt? (still don’t think that word makes sense there). Apparently it’s a technique used to help you breathe! I was so “studious” that it looked too stiff, and needed more “flow,” and singing helps that.

Awesome. So now when jumping, I just have to focus on my right leg AND remember a course AND sing a song so that I breathe!

Love Amy Poehler #spiritanimal
Love Amy Poehler #spiritanimal

Next we built up to crossrail, one stride to vertical, one stride to oxer, come around corner, trot to 4 fences lined up for bounces. This was a cool feeling, as I don’t think I’ve ever jumped 4 bounce fences in a row in my 20ish years of riding. Weird. Not something I’m usually asked to do, but it sort of feels like skiing over moguls haha

Overall, very happy with tonight’s lesson. It showed me that I’ve come so far with my riding, and that even though I still have to think A LOT about my right leg, it’s at least working! My instructor even suggested that I do an equitation class while in Ocala this February…. Still not sure about that one. I suppose it could be fun to film and laugh at later though, right? #eqcomedy



  1. my right leg misbehaves unless i pay attention to it too…. ugh lol. sounds fun tho! i will also occasionally count out loud to get the same breathing effect too – doesn’t really matter what you say/sing, anything works!

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