Slice Slice Baby

I had a great lesson on Wednesday with Hellomylivia, who I’m sure will provide far more details than I will because I’m very preoccupied with a fantastic red wine and House of Cards season 3 right now.

Anyways, to sum it all up, we worked on slicing fences again and really focused on controlling our track over fences. I’ll go ahead an fast forward to the last round we did. These were low, no more than 2 feet tops, except for the last fence which I’m going to guess was around 2’6″, maybe 2’9. I have no judgement of fence height these days, which is honestly for the best.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.25.14 PM

Okay so let’s walk through this. Basically I had to slice down the first “diagonal,” which consisted of 3 fences, 1 stride then 2 strides. Go left, next diagonal, 1 stride then 2 strides. Come through to the half circle of 7, 8, 9, one stride in between each. Tricky part: Come down the outside line only doing the 2 on the outside, 10 and 11. Finish up over the single vertical.

The diagonals were definitely tricky at first, as I am really good at adjusting Gracie’s strides, but sometimes I have trouble keeping them consistent over more tactical courses. I have a tendency to want to keep her stride small and conservative, especially over the small fences, so during my half circle, I ended up putting in 2 strides between each one. Whoops, but I’ll take it. I would prefer to swing wide and have 2 then keep it short and chip. I just hate chipping….


One thing I noticed on the plus: my heels are doing much better overall, and my leg is getting stronger and staying on for the most part. I did have some slip ups across the half circle where I could feel my leg come off at times because Gracie would turn more sharply than I expected. Oops. My bad. Gotta keep up with the horse I guess! But overall much happier about this.

Downside: my auto release is sloppy, and I need to work on keeping the line of communication open from my elbow to horse’s mouth.

horse jump2

Someday I’ll be this cool….

Until then, back to House of Cards!! Gahhh this season is addicting. #winenot


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