Sunday Funday

Got to the barn this Sunday instead of my usual Monday, and wasn’t feeling too peppy. I’d had a long weekend of running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and hellomylivia was there with me, feeling kinda sleepy after a nap and the hazy weather. We decided to hit the trails for a fun adventure, which translated to us exploring an abandoned golf course in the ‘burbs of Leesburg.

We walked along the cement trail, rode through some grassy parts, went over bridges, around ponds, through some real short cuts, invented some others, and basically explored the road less travelled. At some points, we were even walking in the streets of a mcmansion neighborhood on our horses, while those in Ferrari’s and golf carts gawked. Gave a whole new meaning to “riding dirty” haha

Anywho, genius over here didn’t bring her phone, so please visit hellomylivia’s page for further dets. In the meantime, here’s some general pictures of Beacon Hill so you can get an idea of what we were riding through:






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