The Jackie O Jacket

I went to the Tack Exchange in Middleburg, VA this weekend in an effort to show hellomylivia their awesome collection of consignment horse gear, as she is currently on the market for a new saddle (forward flap, 17.5in, medium tree, like an Amerigo but w/o the crazy price tag if anyone has one). The lady who owns the store, Jo, is an absolutely amazing British lady who can take one good look at you and pluck the exact size of whatever it is you need out from the racks. She has an incredible eye and such a knack for what you need.

Sadly, they didn’t have a saddle for hellomylivia at the time, but she was able to consign her old boots, so yay!

Also sadly, I bought another useless wool jacket that I couldn’t walk away from for $99. I have this running joke with my mother and friends that you can pretty much grab the most atrocious jacket from a rack, put it on me, and it’ll look amazing. Anything plain will look plain. But this one in particular, I fell in love with.

Introducing, my Jackie O jacket:


Totally reminded me of this photo of Jackie:


Anyways, I texted my mom, who told me not to leave the damn store without it, as in her mind, I can wear it as is, walking around town, to meetings, etc. in the fall.

Next I texted my instructor, who said it was AWESOME for cubbing, but not much else.

Now wait a minute. I read those USEF attire rules, and they state that:

“HU127 Attire 1. Formal Attire. Riders are required to wear scarlet or dark coats; white shirts with white stock; white, buff or canary breeches and protective headgear.”

Is a chocolate brown/beige houndstooth/window pane/plaid jacket really not appropriate for the hunter ring then?

This brings me to my next point: Jo was talking about the woman who won the Dublin horse show this past year. I didn’t see it, but apparently she wore a gorgeous brown jacket, boots, helmet, blue ratcatcher, and beige breeches. Basically, hunt attire. Like if you were actually fox hunting. Not just in-the-ring-“hunting.”

When did hunters stray so far from their traditional fox hunting roots? Why is the attire so different now, even down to pattern/colors? Is there actually any purpose or sense to this?

I’d like to start a trend and bring back the fox hunting roots to the hunter ring. Seriously considering being a rebel and wearing that jacket to a local hunter show anyways because #tradition.



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