I Ride Like A Monet

Good from a distance, total mess up close.

As I mentioned from our last show, I’ve been relearning how to walk, and thus ride. Today I focused on putting weight on the inside ball of my foot, so much so that there was almost zero weight on the outside of my foot. During our warm up, I noticed that I had to square Gracie up around turns more to keep my leg in place and leg on to keep the impulsion; otherwise I got jostled around, especially at the canter. Funny, that’s what you’re supposed to do too right? Duh. Cool how equitation makes for a better ride, or whatever.

Moving on, we warmed up over a cross rail, and then started a course around 2’3.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.21.06 PM

This was a very huntery course, so we did 1, right to 2, around to 3, around to 4, and finish up over 5. Simple. Short. Sweet. To the base. My leg did not move, and the assistant instructor was very happy with my course.

Only nit pick was that apparently when I do an automatic release, I tend to go too low with my hands, losing the straight line from elbow to bit. Also, sometimes I would get stuck with a prancing pony because reins too long and not enough leg for the forward movement, just the impulsion. Womp. At least my heels were WAY down, like didn’t even recognize my leg in the mirror as my own (Grand Prix, here I come), and my leg was still.

Next course was higher and more fun, somewhere between 2’6 and 2’9.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.23.14 PM

I took this course as an opportunity to practice more of those tight turns i.e. FAST recoveries, so we did 1, inside turn to 2, right turn to 3, broken 3 strides to 4, Swedish oxer 5, and finish up over 6 (didn’t have the room for the inside turn, this image isn’t really showing that, sorry I’m not what one would call “artistic” haha).

Anyways, leg still felt good, didn’t get stuck in any corners, and focused more on allowing Gracie to move forward, come back, move forward, come back, etc throughout our course to keep it more even and moving forward.

Overall, Gracie was perfect as usual, and my leg finally helped me feel stable, like a part of the team. Like I was actually doing some work. Like my heels were so far down they could almost touch the ground! Not really but can you imagine?


Also, I hope to someday ride in a George Morris clinic without getting injured by him. Until then, this meme:




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