Heat Makes Brain Mush

There is something about 100 degree heat + humidity that makes my brain mush. Last time this happened was at a jumper show at Loch Moy where I stupidly signed up for 4 jumper classes (regrets, so many regrets) in insane heat at 2’9″ and 3′. My equitation was embarrassing. Let’s review the beginning of the day, approximately around 11:30a:


So calm, collected, pretty, loving it.

Versus 3 hours later in my last class at approximately 2:30 after no water, food, shade, breeze, etc:


Just what is that???

Anyways, my points are 1) horse show moms are a critical key to a successful horse show because they provide food, water, and an extra 2 hands, and 2) heat kills me.

Today my lesson went okay. My instructor said I made excellent riding decisions about lines, spots, timing, all that good stuff, but goddamn my leg was everywhere. I kept riding Gracie to the base of the fences (which makes her jump awesome and she prefers it), but she would jump so hard and land so fired up that I would get totally disorganized and jostled. I tried to remember things I promised you guys i would do (sit up, tall, heels down, leg on, reorganize), but damn my brain moves slower in the heat, and before it, I’d be at my next fence!

I was chugging water and still sweating a ridiculous amount. Since the indoor ring has such great footing, we rode in there, and it was so hot that my hands were sweating, so my rubber reins would slip from me. I swear that may be why my leg was all over the place too: is it possible for sweat to seep through black leather and make my leg swingy?? If it’s not, don’t tell me because that’s my excuse for today. Overall, not totally beat up over it, but not totally proud of it.

On a more positive note, I registered for my first A rated show in 6 years today! Will be attending HITS Culpepper on the 21st, and horse show mom will be in attendance. Looking to do the Level 1 Jumpers at .9m and the Adult Low Jumpers at 1m if it’s not a completely disgustingly hot day, and I can last that long.

If anyone has any tips on how to stay not so goddamn hot on a VA humid summer day after being up for over 12 hours and “hurrying up and waiting” at a horse show, I’m open to any suggestions!

In the meantime, I’m off to figure out how to turn the horse trailer into a refrigerator….




  1. Heat can do strange things to your brain! I had a similar ride last night. I’d get to a fence and remember that I should have done XYZ on my way there. oops! I think it might just be that it takes a bit of time to make those things we know we should be doing a habit.

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