Magical Heaven Horseland

Tonight’s lesson was very tight. Literally. We worked on being compact between fences and adding strides and staying small but tall. Our course was similar to yesterday’s:

Raised cavelletti –> broken line to black crossrail –> broken line to raised crossrail–> down the diagonal to the grey wall–> STOP in the corner –> raised cavelletti –> broken line to black crossrail –> broken line to cavelletti –> down the diagonal to the pink vertical –> STOP in the corner

I was so happy with Gracie. Let’s be honest: as a jumper, getting compact isn’t a problem for her, but getting her compact without #divamare coming out for a solid ten minute head shake can be. She had her moments, but once she realized no really, this is what we are doing, she fell right into it. In our last course, to the pink vertical, there was a point where I entered “magical heaven Horseland.” It looked something like this:

I had my leg on, kept it on, picked her head up, stayed still, and Gracie cantered small and straight and steady to the pink vertical, and I didn’t even need to hold her back. It’s really amazing how much difference a solid leg can make!

Now obviously the stop wasn’t pretty, but we got the job done.

Also, tried really hard to think “tall tall tall!” in the corners. Went better today, but I definitely need to practice more. By the end of the lesson, I was getting tired and lazy and the corners weren’t as perfect as I’d like. Hopefully that’ll get better as I practice more and get stronger!

In short, I really enjoyed magical heaven Horseland, and I can’t wait to go back in two weeks! Until then, I’m off to Hawaii. Funemployment is stressful 🙂



  1. I just thought of something else to help your corners. Once you’ve found your distance and have raised your eye, instead of looking straight ahead, look over your horses outside ear. So if you are on the left rein coming to a fence and will be turning left after the jump look over her right ear. Hope that makes sense.

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