My leg does what??

I had a very exciting lesson today with a rider I haven’t met before. We were having tons of fun riding in the upper ring, which is really just a field with a nice breeze and some jumps set up, and we spent a lot of time honing in on our flat work. Unfortunately, once we started jumping, hilarity ensued sotospeak.

My horse, Gracie, knocked a crossrail trotting. This is unheard of honestly, but we were warming up, and I like to keep her slow and sleepy for as long as I can. She is a 4′ jumper technically speaking, so trying to keep her huntery can be a struggle if I pump her up too early. Here is Gracie pumped from our last show:

The other girl in my lesson went to take the same crossrail, her horse tripped, had a HUGE jump over the crossrail, and she fell off and landed smack on her back on that virginia clay. I swear you could hear it; it was bad.

Once we got her up, she decided to not continue riding, and frankly I don’t blame her. It sounded like a painful hit, and I would’ve needed a solid breather too. And a bottle of wine. And an ice pack.

For Gracie and I, that meant we could go down to the indoor ring with the fancy German footing and do some jumps. They set up a course, which I will try to draw out later but my computer is dead, so work with me here! It went:

Raised cavelletti –> broken line to black vertical–> raised cavelletti–> giant awesome roll top–> oxer–> broken line to pink vertical –> vertical –> broken line to gray wall–> quarter line

I’ve really been working on my leg position over fences. It tends to look like this:

And I am NOT a fan of that damn swinging leg. Anyways, the girl I lease from also taught the lesson today, and she said my leg over fences looks a million times better than it did 3 months ago! Yay!!! But WOW what a different horse I get when I land! Instead of softly cantering away, I get these giant omg jumper sized strides. Totally cool, but totally unnecessary in the 3′ jumpers that I’m working on!

However, I need to sit up and deep in my corners. I apparently tend to get in what she calls the riders fetal position and lean forward, put my hands in my lap, get up on my toes, all that bad stuff. Just corners though; I can work with that. She told me to practice almost like I’m waterskiing around the corners and over correcting the problem. Does anyone have any other tips on how to remember to keep my ass in the saddle around turns? I ❤ any advice!



  1. I find that telling myself out loud to do something helps. “Tall, tall, tall” or “eye up, eyes up, eyes up”. It’s hard to break habit we don’t realize we are doing them. Having someone point it out to me every time helps, too. Kinda. Good luck!


  2. I agree with the above. Repeating things really helps. Also I treat the corners as a place to regroup. I literally give myself a shake, stretch up tall and remind myself of all the things I need to do to get to the next fence. Treat each stride as part of the course not just a way to get to the fence.

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