Brown or Black Boots?

Recently my riding buddy bought a pair of brand new gorgeous Moutain Horse tall boots, and it has inspired me to look into a new pair as well. Totally not a necessary purchase; however, I’ve been on this rebel kick lately where I’m into more of the brown leathers with my accessories. 
Having said that, I’m mildly obsessed with the Ariat Challenges in cognac instead of black.  

 As a hunter/jumper, are there any circumstances where it’s inappropriate for me to wear brown tall boots in the show ring



  1. In equitation classes brown boots would definitely be inappropriate.. and while brown is definitely not COMMON… but it isn’t against the rules for hunters and jumpers! They are really, REALLY pretty boots!


  2. They are beautiful and I love brown boots and I am all for pushing the envelope but as someone stated above they are not appropriate for the eq ring. What color hunt coat are you thinking of wearing with them? I think hunter green would look good.


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